Limpar a pia do banheiro

Hygiene Policy

We know it feels like things are changing everyday, but rest assured, one thing remains the same.

We take hygiene and safety very seriously. We always have.

We take great pride in our impeccable sanitation and cleaning standards. 

And your well-being has always been our #1 priority.


What’s double dipping?

It’s when the therapist takes a spatula full of wax, applies that wax to your skin, then sticks the same spatula back in the wax pot to pick up more wax, applies that to your skin, and so on. Bleugh! What they’re doing is potentially transferring skin particles, hair, blood spotting, etc, BACK into the wax pot on that used spatula. By the end of the day it’s like a pot full of every single client they’ve waxed that day – would you want a lip wax from the same pot that’s been used to wax someone else’s bum? Yuk! So here at Good Place Beauty we NEVER reuse spatulas. Once it’s touched your skin it goes in the bin, only fresh clean spatulas ever get dipped into our wax pots. INSIST on no double dipping and if you’re being fobbed off with some naff excuse like “oh the wax is hot enough to kill any germs so it’s ok to double dip” (yes We’ve heard that one before ) then get your trousers back on, get the hell out there and book an appointment with us!!


Our treatment room is kept clean and tidy at all times.


The bed is covered with a disposable bedsheet and is sprayed and wiped down with antibacterial disinfectant after every single person. A fresh bedsheet is used for every appointment.​


All tools soaked in disinfectant or disposed of after each guest.


We use disposable vinyl gloves, a clean pair for everyone.  

If you’re having an intimate wax treatment and you add on another treatment such as nostril, lip or underarm wax, we’ll dispose of the gloves used for your intimate wax and put on new gloves before I wax your other body parts.


All areas are cleaned daily at the end of each day and all stock including wax, lotions and gels are checked to ensure they are in date and haven’t been opened for too long – but to be honest we are so busy that none of my stock lasts long enough to go out of date, it’s been well used up by then.




Following the advice of the Irish government on the re-opening of salons we have implemented extra hygiene and safety measures for the operations of our salon.


All Services are by appointment only.

Extended appointment duration (allowing time for thorough disinfecting and ventilation of the room).

Appropriate personal protective equipment worn by therapists at all times.


Encourage contact less payments.