This exfoliator has a silky texture. Made with mango butter, it is an exfoliator that melts at your touch, making a smooth and delicate exfoliation while moisturising, leaving your skin soft and silky.  How to use: Exfoliate your skin at most two or three times a week. Oily skin may need to exfoliate on a daily basis. Sensitive skin should opt for once weekly.


The range of ingredients found in oats strengthen the skin’s barrier, soothing and moisturising it. Oats can remove the dead skin cells and act as a natural moisturiser. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to keep the skin exfoliated.


Mangoes are full of antioxidants which are an amazing property in keeping the skin nourished. Potassium and Vitamin E work alongside each other to keep cells hydrated to moisturise the skin. Antioxidants also work to improve skin tone, specifically by working together to soothe and smooth blemishes and patchy areas. Who doesn’t want an even complexion?!



mango butter, oats, sugar, almond oil and mango essence.

Good Place Skincare Oat + Mango Body Scrub 200g


    - Softens skin
    - Improves skin tone
    - Regenerates the skin
    - Promotes collagen production
    - Reduces the appearance of enlarged pores


    ✅ Vegan
    ✅ Cruelty free
    ✅ Eco friendly
    ✅ Made in Ireland

    ✅ No Parabens
    ✅ No Silicones
    ✅ No Synthetic Fragrance
    ✅ No Petrolatum
    ✅ No Artificial colours


    Republic of Ireland

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